The Books

Look out for further adventures of The Purple Grumblies by Mike Marsh.

The History

The Purple Grumblies are not swashbuckling heroes. They can't run. They're all thumbs when it comes to lifting or climbing anything. They're just plain awkward, small, grumpy, and… purple!

And yet… these underdogs manage to outwit their adversaries time and time again. How do they do it? I wanted to create anti-heroes with a conscience; to show how brain overcomes brawn and how little Davids can defeat any number of giant Goliaths. Good must always triumph over evil.

The Grumblies may waddle and bumble their way through adventure after adventure, but they are lovable, kind, simple characters, always ready to help others. Each new adventure leads on, one from another. They will challenge the reader to wonder what's next. There are many surprises ahead!

The Legend

The Purple Grumblies landed on earth by mistake, a very long time ago. Their exploits on earth are nothing compared with what is in store for them in space when they return to their home on PURPASTAR.

While on earth, the Purple Grumblies take on Percy, the Dreaded Sea-Monster; a pirate rat gang headed by Captain Vermin von Trasch; and various criminals who would destroy the environment, pollute the seas, and kill the whales.

Our gallant Grumblies save the earth from disaster upon disaster, and go on to outer space to save their home and star from evil, marauding neighbors.


The Purple Grumblie stories are dedicated to my eight grandchildren: Allie, Charlie, Sophia, Athena, Magnus, Stella, Isabella and Joseph; and last but not least to my step-grandson, Alistair.

In addition, I would like to thank illustrator Priti Jain for her brilliant portrayal of the characters and scenes. I am most greatful, too, to my wife Sandy for all her patience, editorial help and advice.

Also my thanks go to my agent John Denison for his long-suffering devotion, imagination and conceptual help with all the Purple Grumblie stories, and to Graphic Artist Liz Martin for her practical and useful suggestions and techical expertise.

Mike Marsh Hot Balloon Ship
  • Percy the Dreaded Sea-Monster

    Percy the Dreaded Sea-Monster


    The Purple Grumblies are terrified when they hear Percy the Dreaded Sea-Monster is headed towards Grumblie Island. They escape to nearby Volcano Island over shark-infested waters by using their upturned umbrellas as sailboats, and there they hide inside the volcano just as Percy arrives. Hungry Percy climbs to the top of the volcano and peers inside; he knows the Grumblies are in there, he can smell them... This is the first of a series of adventures starring the Purple Grumblies. Ideal for bedtime reading. Ages 3-7
    book ($9.95) ebook ($2.99)
  • The Grumblies Set a Trap

    The Grumblies Set a Trap


    The Purple Grumblies outsmarted Percy the Dreaded Sea-Monster the first time but now Percy is back with a plan of his own... Great bedtime reading for 3-7 year olds.
    book ($9.95) ebook ($2.99)
  • The Grumblies & the Volcano

    The Grumblies & the Volcano


    The crazy Grumblies are at it again. This time they trap Percy, the dreaded sea-monster for good or do they? Great bedtime reading for 3-7 year olds.
    book ($9.95) ebook ($2.99)
  • The Grumblies & the Hurricane

    The Grumblies & the Hurricane


    The poor Grumblies! It's not enough that they have to deal with a dreaded sea-monster named Percy, and a well-meaning efelant called Bumboo; now suddenly they're attacked by a hurricane and Skyrats dressed as pirates! Great bedtime reading for 3-7 year olds.
    book ($9.95) ebook ($2.99)
  • The Skyrats Capture the Grumblies

    The Skyrats Capture the Grumblies


    The evil Skyrats throw the Purple Grumblies and the Pixiecats into a windmill prison on Skeleton Island. Gertie Grumblie flirts with Captain Von Trasch. "If you let me go, I'll give you my earrings and some of my purple cheesecake..." But he's not buying it. There seems to be no escape... Great bedtime reading for 3-7 year olds.
    book ($9.95) ebook ($2.99)
  • The Ghost of Bumboo

    The Ghost of Bumboo


    Old Pete, Leader of the Purple Grumblies, holds a Memorial Service for poor Bumboo the Efelant, presumed drowned. Without warning, there's a sudden shock during the proceedings… Gertie faints...
    book ($9.95) ebook ($2.99)
  • The Purple Grumblies

    Bumboo is Back!


    A mother whale washes up on the beach and tells the story of the evil fishermen who have already captured her baby son. The brave Grumblies hatch a plan to Save the Whales: they assemble an unusual task force called the Green Team...
    book ($9.95) ebook ($2.99)
  • The Purple Grumblies

    Battle Cry!


    The Grumblies' Green Team, which includes Charlie Grumblie's new helicopter invention, attacks the wicked fishermen, but the fishermen fight back with their harpoon gun… with unintended consequences.
    book ($9.95) ebook ($2.99)
  • The Purple Grumblies

    Kaylani's Haven


    There's a bitter fight between the Grumblies' Green Team and the wicked fishermen. Gancy, Gertie and the Pixiecats turn out to be unexpected heros...
    book ($9.95) ebook ($2.99)
  • The Purple Grumblies



    Some evil Hunters who kill Efelants just for their tusks are shipwrecked near Skeleton Island, the home of the Skyrats. Bumboo the Efelant loses her cool and goes on the warpath...
    book ($9.95) ebook ($2.99)
  • The Purple Grumblies

    Stolen Tusks


    Bumboo asks the Grumblies and Percy the Sea-Monster for help in capturing the wicked Efelant Hunters. Her mistake was in asking the pirate Skyrats for help, too, as their greed turns them into just another enemy...
    book ($9.95) ebook ($2.99)
  • The Purple Grumblies



    Captain Vermin von Trasch, Leader of the pirate Skyrats, thought he had got away with stealing the tusks. But Bumboo had other ideas...
    book ($9.95) ebook ($2.99)
  • The Purple Grumblies

    Bumboo Walks the Plank


    Bumboo is captured by the pirate Skyrats and made to Walk the PlanK. But it doesn't turn out exactly as the Skyrats had planned when Percy the Sea-Monster turns up… and Bumboo has the surprise of her life!
    book ($9.95) ebook ($2.99)
  • The Purple Grumblies



    The Grumblies decide to visit the other end of Volcano Island by raft, where there is said to be a magic cave, a waterfall and TWO rainbows! Out of the blue, the pirate Skyrats go on the attack but Bumboo and Gertie retaliate and teach them a lesson...
    book ($9.95) ebook ($2.99)
  • Christmas In Bermuda

    Christmas In Bermuda


    When the freedom-loving Purple Grumblies and Bumboo the Efelant visit a Christmas Circus on the beautiful Island of Bermuda, they feel sorry for the wild animals kept in cages. But Gertie decides to do something about it and gives Mr Fleabag, the circus owner, the shock of his life!
    book ($9.95)