Mike Marsh

About the Author

Mike Marsh is retired and lives in Bermuda with his wife, Sandy. He has four children and nine grandchildren.

Mike decided to publish some of the bed-time stories that he had created over the years for his own children and grandchildren. The adventures of “The Purple Grumblies” gradually evolved from these original stories, with characters like “Old Pete”, “Grumpy Jack”, “Gertie”, “Bumboo”, “Captain Vermin von Trasch” catching the imagination of young minds.

Mike is a Member of the Society of Authors, London, England.

Priti Jain

About the Illustrator

Priti Jain lives in Mumbai, India with her husband and two children. Priti is a (Gold Medallist) science scholar, but her real passion lies in creative art design, so well expressed in her colorful illustrations within the pages of each book.